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MFX Door Sensor

Key features

  • Real multifunction with up to 4 simultanious optional functions, available for each sensor Door Distance - measures the physical distance between the trawl doors during bottom and pelagic trawling
  • Depth - measures the trawl door depth as well as descent/ascent rate during "shooting" and "hauling" Temperature - water temp around the trawl doors in order to reduce the time and fuel spent towing in waters that are not suited to target species
  • Roll Angle - refers to the door's natural behavior to lean outwards or inwards during towing Pitch Angle - refers to the lifting of the door, either at the front or at the rear while being towed

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trekant MAR-SS-08-00, A1 XL-DD Master dør sensor 144 kHz, BB
trekant MAR-SS-09-00, A1 XL-DD Slave dør sensor 144 kHz, STB
trekant MAR-SS-1-08, Stål SE, Tråldør Lomme, BB
trekant MAR-SS-1-09, Stål SE Tråldør Lomme, STB

Options: Dybde, Temp. og Pitch&Roll

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