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Catch sensors

Key features

  • Compatible with “other” cabinets
  • Upgradeable via new software
  • 360° Pitch&Roll
  • Depth
  • Temp
  • All hardware already installed
  • Up to 4 functions in a SINGLE sensor
  • Up to 4 weeks’ operation on single charge*

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trekant  MAR-NFS-4-00, A1 Mengde Sensor 70 khz
trekant  MAR-NFS-5-00, A1 Mengde Sensor 40 kHz
trekant  MAR-NFS-6-00, A1 Hybrid Mengde Sensor, 40/70 kHz, Dual frekvens
trekant  MAR-NFS-6-01, A1 Hybrid Mengde Sensor, 40 kHz Mar&Scan / 70 kHz Sim
trekant  MAR-NFS-6-02, A1 Hybrid Mengde Sensor, 40 kHz PI/ 70 kHz Sim
trekant  MAR-NFS-7-00, A1 Mengde Sensor, PI system
trekant  MAR-NFS-8-00, A1 Hybrid Mengde Sensor, 40/40 kHz PI Dual frekvens

Options: Depth, Temp., Pitch & Roll and Dual frequency

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