WASSP 3230/20M

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Key features

  • Less time steaming in search of fish gives great fuel savings
  • Explore new fishing grounds faster and more accurately than ever before
  • Higher catch rates mean less wear and tear on gear and crew  – get home faster and make more money, more profit
  • Precise seafloor information allows the skipper to target grounds  thought to be un-fishable and identify new opportunities
  • Identify fish school distribution and height to steer a  trawl precisely on target
  • Increased catch-rate can mean faster turnaround-time  and less time at sea
  • bottom hardness indication allows you to get to the where  the fish are, regardless of your preferred bottomtype

Prod. no: IMD03425001

Standardsett inkluderer:

Prosessor med Windows operativ system (WSP-002-042)
Prosessor monteringsbrakett (WSP-002-010)
Prosessor monteringsbrakett (WSP-002-010)
Kompakt svinger med 20 meter kabel (WMBT-80F-CTR20)
Mottaker enhet (WMB-BTxR)
USB dongle med software (WSP-002-003)
Kabelgjennomføring (WSP-201-020)
Optocopler (WSP-002-004)
1 sett med tastatur og rulleball
1 sett med installasjonsmateriell

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     trekant Video (int. with MaxSea TimeZero

Standardkit includes:
WSP-002-042, Processor with Windows operativ system
WSP-002-010, Processor monteringsbrakett
WMBT-80F-CTR20, Kompakt svinger med 20 meter kabel
WMB-BTxR, Receiver unit
WSP-002-003, USB dongle with software
WSP-201-020, cablekit
WSP-002-004, Optocopler
1 set of keyboard and trackball
1 set of installing material, I and O manual

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