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CH-37 BB

Key features

  • Full-circle, sector or vertical-fan scanning display modes
  • Historical seabed image using unique 3D graphics processor
  • Choice of 60, 113 or 162 kHz
  • Normal or fast scanning
  • 8 or 16 color presentation
  • Displays ship's position, heading, intended course line, and water currents when interfaced with appropriate sensors
  • One-touch selection of optimum sonar settings with user-programmable "custom" function keys
  • The optional MS-100 motion sensor electronically stabilizes the sounding beam for up to 20 degree roll/pitch for a steady picture presentation.
  • The dual mode for easy evaluation of distribution of fish school at vertical/horizontal planes

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Standardsett inkluderer:

1 stk betjeningspanel
1 stk sender-/mottakerenhet, CH-341
1 stk hull enhet med 2,2 m skaft, CH-342. 30 m multikabel
1 sett installasjonsmateriell og reservedeler

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