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FAR - 21x7S

Key features

  • En vinner under vanskelige værforhold
  • Kan lagre egne brukerinnstillinger
  • Kan opereres med tastaur eller rulleball
  • Kan vise kartoverlag C-MAP (ekstrautstyr)
  • 100-måls ARPA (automatisk målsporing) og 1000AIS (Automatic Identification System)

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The radar is constructed with our finest commercial grade components and technology. This precision quality radar systems are designed for high end vessels and offer advanced target detection performance for safe navigation. Target detection is enhanced by employing sophisticated signal processing techniques such as echo stretch, echo average and anti-clutter functions. With useful functions including ARPA, AIS target display, target trail, chart overlay and radar map, the operator can improve navigation efficiency and safety Videoplotter. Up to 200 waypoints and up to 30 routes can be stored. Each route may contain up to 30 waypoints. The radar map has the capacity of 20,000 points for lines and marks.



  • IMO Type Approved radar.
  • Advanced signal processing for improved detection in rough sea
  • Designed to comply with SOLAS carriage requirements for ships 10,000 GT and above
  • Easy operation by customizable function keys, trackball/wheel palm module and rotary controls
  • Up to four radars can be interswitched in the network without an extra device
  • ARPA - Automatic plotting/tracking of 100 targets manually or automatically acquired
  • AIS - Displays up to 1000 AIS symbols
  • Model FAR-2137S BB connects to a 21" display
  • Model FAR-2837S BB connects to a 23" display

  • Technical data
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Built in Interswitch, Performance monitor and Videplotter
Option: Chart overlay, C-Map. Module CU-200-FAR
Deicing for gearbox

Standardsett inkluderer:
1 stk prosessor
1 stk betjeningspanel
1 stk antennegirboks og antenne
1 sett installasjonsmateriell, 30 m antennekabel og reservedeler.

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