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Felcom-18 / Felcom-18 SSAS

Key features

  • Inmarsat-C Ship Earth Station terminal for GMDSS application
  • Full GMDSS compliance with optional printer and AC/DC power supply
  • SSAS capability with SSAS Alert Units
  • Compatibility with LRIT application
  • Compatible with the following standard:
    IMO A.570(14), IMO A.664(16), IMO A.694(17), IMO A.807(19), IMO MSC.147(77),
    IMO MSC.36(63), IMO MSC.68(68) Annex 4, IMO MSC.97(73), IMO MSC.263.(84),
    MSC/Circ.862, IEC 60945 Ed. 4, IEC 61097-4 Ed.2, IEC 61162-1 Ed. 4
  • A wide variety of communication schemes available: telex, FAX, emailing, EGC, Data reporting/polling, etc.
  • SD card for recording media
  • GPS receiver (option)

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trekant IMD03267001 Furuno Felcom-18 
trekant IMD03267002 Furuno Felcom-18 SSAS 

Standardsett inkluderer:
1 stk. Antenne IC-118 m/30 m kabel
1 stk. Terminalenhet med tastatur IC-215
1 stk. koblingsboks IC-315

Tillegg for Felcom-18SSAS
2 stk. alarmknapper

•    SD kort for lagring av meldinger 
•    Intern GPS mottaker 
•    Ekstern alarmknapp for Distress
•    Ekstern buzzer for alarm
•    Printer 

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