Felcom-18 / Felcom-18 SSAS

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Key features

trekant 10,4 TFT fargeskjerm
trekant Nattmodus
trekant Integrert støtte for SSAS
trekant Integrert støtte for LRIT  
trekant Integrert støtte for VMS (krever intern GPS mottaker)
trekant LAN tilkopling for PC
trekant Støtter flere meldingsformat bl.a: e-post, SMS, telex, FAX 
trekant Data rapportering/polling 

Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station FELCOM 18 /18SSAS


  • Inmarsat-C Ship Earth Station terminal for GMDSS application
  • Full GMDSS compliance with optional printer and AC/DC power supply
  • SSAS capability with SSAS Alert Units
  • Compatibility with LRIT application
  • Compatible with the following standard:
    IMO A.570(14), IMO A.664(16), IMO A.694(17), IMO A.807(19), IMO MSC.147(77),
    IMO MSC.36(63), IMO MSC.68(68) Annex 4, IMO MSC.97(73), IMO MSC.263.(84),
    MSC/Circ.862, IEC 60945 Ed. 4, IEC 61097-4 Ed.2, IEC 61162-1 Ed. 4
  • A wide variety of communication schemes available: telex, FAX, emailing, EGC, Data reporting/polling, etc.
  • SD card for recording media
  • GPS receiver (option)



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