Live Weather Radar – Location: Aksla, Aalesund

Reflectivity factor (dBZ)​

Update cycle: every 1 min
Resolution: 150 meter​

The colour scale represents the strength of returned energy to the radar expressed in values of decibels (dBZ). ​As dBZ values increase so does the intensity of the precipitation. Keep in mind that low dBZ values, typically below 20, indicates precipitation that may very well evaporate before reaching ground. ​

Marshall-Palmer formula​
Reflectivity in dBZ versus Rainrate
 LZ (dBZ) R (mm/h) Intensity
 5 0.07 Hardly noticeable
 10 0.15 Light mist
 15 0.3 Mist
 20 0.6 Very light
 25 1.3 Light
 30 2.7 Light to moderate
 35 5.6 Moderate rain
 40 11.53 Moderate rain
 45 23.7 Moderate to heavy
 50 48.6 Heavy
 55 100 Very heavy/small hail
 60 205 Extreme/moderate hail
 65 421 Extreme/large hail


The Furuno Weather Radar WR2120 is mounted on a 18 meter high mast at Byfjell Aksla, Aalesund. All together 208 meters above sea level.

Furuno Norge AS has a collaboration in form of a project with Aalesund municipality. Our main objective is to investigate how high resolution weather data can be used to improve existing services and also to develop new services to the benefit of the public. The first focused area will be related to surface water and sewage.

In this project, Aalesund municipality has an agreement with Norwegian Meteorological Institute. They are already receiving raw weather radar data from our project installation which are further processed and included as gap filling data for the Multi-Radar presentation.

​Furuno Norge appreciate this important contribution to the project and for allowing us to use this content on our website.​

Radar beam blockage
​Even though the location of the radar is at a magnificent place, it has some blockage from a concrete tower nearby and also from mountains, especially towards the south. The reduction and blockage effect is as presented in this image.

Radar scan
The radar makes a volumetric scan every minute and creates an updated 3D image every minute. The live view is currently set to a 3 degree elevation. ​Read more about the effects of various weather radar system configurations.​