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Furuno is one of the world's leading suppliers of maritime electronics and has more than 3,000 employees worldwide. The parent company is Furuno Electric co. Ltd, headquartered in Japan. The Furuno group has a sales and service network consisting of subsidiaries, distributors and service stations all over the world.

Since 1948, Furuno has provided the maritime industry with solutions that enable the making of well informed decisions regarding conditions beyond the reach of human senses. Today, Furuno delivers esteemed and acknowledged solutions across navigation, communication, fish finding and catch control, aquaculture, facility monitoring, and meteorological observations.

Our aim is to contribute to safety, sustainability and healthy finances for our customers.


Furuno Norge was the first subsidiary of Furuno Electric Co., LTD. founded on 23 July 1974.

This year we celebrate 50 solid years in the industry!

A solid relationship to our customers has always been our highest priority ever since the start. Much of our success lies in the link between advanced sensor technology, processing large amounts of data and clear presentations that provide good user experiences.

In Furuno Norway, we are 42 dedicated colleagues who develop, sell and support solutions from Furuno as well as self-developed solutions, with the main focus on Norwegian customers. The head office is in Ålesund and we have branch offices in Bergen and Oslo.


The establishment of Furuno Norge in 1974 was followed by the formation of other national Furuno subsidiaries in subsequent years. Today, Furuno has a global footprint with representation in most of the world's ports.

uruno Norge manages global service for our clients whose ships are involved in international traffic. Moreover, we possess a nationwide service network that covers the entire Norwegian coast, consisting of dealers who are trained and supported by us.

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Operational safety, accuracy and reliability are essential for safety at sea. Our extensive portfolio of navigation products represents the very best in commercial maritime electronics and has been developed to meet today's and tomorrow's requirements for safety and cost-effectiveness for maritime operations.


Paper record books should be replaced with an electronic solution for several reasons. Efficiency, accuracy, quality, compliance, cost and environmental savings are some.

TELSCOPE is our solution for electronic record books and checklists and covers all needs related to record keeping and maintenance of checklists both on board and the landbased office.

TELSCOPE includes all required record books and the solution is type approved by DNV, in accordance with ISO 21745 – Electronic record books for ships, DNV's own class requirements and the requirements set forth in SOLAS and MARPOL.



Since 1948, Furuno has supplied advanced hydroacoustics for fishing and catch control to the world's fishing nations. The development has been enormous, from the first relatively simple echo sounders, to today's highly sophisticated sonars, offering amazing detection capability and 3D presentations that make complex information easily accessible to the user.

Furuno Norway is proud to have contributed significantly to this development, with our unique expertise in hydroacoustics and our good and solid cooperation with the Norwegian fishing fleet.


Aqua Scope is our solution for the aquaculture segment. In additon to the utilization of advanced hydroacoustics, we have for this solution integrated aspects of biology and machine learning to effectively cater to the distinct needs associated with observing farmed salmon.

Aqua Scope features functionalities that ensure effective management of biomass growth and also monitor behavior, offering unique insights into the health and welfare of the fish.

Our approach enables a unique insight into weight distribution and variations in the biomass over time. By better understanding these dynamics, breeders can make more precise decisions that directly affect both production efficiency and fish welfare.



Furuno Weather Radar offers the opportunity to fill the coverage gaps that the larger weather radars systems have. Strategically placed, local weather radars can improve the accuracy of local weather forecasts and contribute to better utilization of resources when weather-related measures are necessary.