The radars are shining on the rooftop

Expedition cruise liner, M/S Spitsbergen with Furuno!
Excellent news!! Hurtigruten’s newly modernised and upgraded expedition cruise liner, M/S Spitsbergen. Read about our delivery below:
Our delivery:
  • VDR, VR-3000
  • Navigation log, FE-700
  • Navigation log, DS-80
  • Sonar, CH-270
  • ECDIS, 2 x FMD-3200
  • Radar, FAR-3230 SSD
  • Radar, FAR-3210
  • GPS, FAP-2000 TCS
  • AIS, FA-150
  • Navtex, NX-700
  • GPS, 2 x GP-150
  • Alarm system, BR-500

Furuno Norge joined the cruice liner on their first trip, sailing from Geiranger to Ålesund. A wonderful experience! 



We want to congratulate the shipowners and the crew with this magnificent cruise liner. Good luck in the future!

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