Over the years, FURUNO has grown to be market leading manufacturer of professional navigation systems within the maritime industry. Based on experienced customers and sailors recommendations, FURUNO aims to develop and introduce innovative marine electronic solutions to all maritime segments: the largest Deep Sea vessels, advanced fishing vessels and the smallest pleasure crafts.

It is now common knowledge that FURUNO is synonymous with high quality and excellent performance which is especially reflected in the innovative and exciting FURUNO navigation equipment.

IMO X-band radar FAR-1518
New radar model with new function to obtain secure navigation during navigation under difficult weather conditions. This radar is suitable for all kind of vessel up to 10.000 GT. Delivered with a 19’’ monitor.

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Network radar X-Class (magnetron)

DRS-6 X class serien erstatter DRS-4A og DRS-6A. Forbedret mottaker og avansert signalbehandling gir krystallklare ekko, både på kort og lang avstand. Lynrask målfølging av opp til 30 båter. Ny kompakt antenne.

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Electronic chart system (ECS) approved for paperless sailing

Coastal E is an electronic chart system (ECS) in line with Norwegian requirements for electronic chart systems as replacement for paper charts, as outlined in the Norwegian Maritime Directorate's circular RSV 14-2022 and RSV 16-2022. Coastal E is accepted for vessels up to 24 meters that don't have carriage requirement for ECDIS. Coastal E 2224 is a panel-pc with a 22” display. The solution is based on TECDIS. It is just as user-friendly and includes the same functionality, however it is not a wheelmarked ECDIS.

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Plotter for professional fisheries

Professional PC-based software with "all" functions regarding fisheries and navigation. Full fisheries functionality with 2D / 3D and personal bottom generator. Advanced integration with Furuno radar, sonar and WASSP multibeam sonar.

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