Furuno has now an exclusive MaxSea campaign. Do not miss this unique chance to upgrade your current product to the flagship, MaxSea Time Zero PLOT!

Time Zero PLOT contains all the functions you'd expect, and more: 

- Ultra-fast application with easy user interface
- Full 2D/3D with personal base generator. 
- New updated maps for Norway, including Spitsbergen and Denmark.
- High resolution aerial photography for a desired area of Norway. 
- Feature-rich plot equipment. 
- ARPA / AIS functionality. 
- Detailed weather forecast directly in the map. 
- Common MaxSea 3D database of tens of millions of soundings (optional). 
- Furuno radar integration and radar overlay on the chart system serviced directly from the map system (optional). 
- Furuno sounder integration with the type of bottom view (bottom discrimination) and ACCU Fish (fish size) directly into the map (optional).

Upgrading older MaxSea, to MaxSea Time Zero Plot. 
Those with older MaxSea, we strive to offer an upgrade to MaxSea Time Zero Plot for only: 

Kr. 19.500, - (Original price kr. 31.980, -) eks. moms


Upgrade MaxSea Time Zero Navigator, to MaxSea Time Zero Plot. 
Those with MaxSea Time Zero Navigator, we want to offer an upgrade to our flagship, MaxSea Time Zero Plot for only:  

Kr. 16.100, - (Original price kr. 24.100, -) eks. moms

The offers are valid until 31/12 2012