Finally our new webpage is launched! It has got a real "facelift" and it`s more user-friendly than before.

This new page is based on a responsive design, and it fits any device and format. All the the content is upgraded and we hope you will find a lot of useful stoff. Keep you updated on news and activities by visit our page! Some of the new things you will find on the page is:

  • Concept Solutions (Here we have made a suggestion of equipment needed at the various vessels. We suggest you contact a seller for further guidance).
  • Activity calendar (Here you can see an overview of some of the exhibitions and activities Furuno Norway will participate. Click on the event, and press "add to calendar" and it's added to your own calendar!)
  • Farming Presentation (This is one of our new segment, and it`s important to focus on this new consept! We made a own page to present this product and tell what it is about. We recommend contact a seller for furter information).
  • ECDIS and TECDIS courses (We've added some short information about these different courses).
  • Downloading of Furuno logo 
  • Overview of our certifications (Overview of our certifications).
  • Dealer map (Based on a simple Google Map. Navigate simply to the right dealer!)