Furuno Norway AS has entered into an agreement with the Canadian company Current Corporation Ltd. for the distribution of their night vision systems.
Current Corporation's product line, the Night Navigator, includes camera solutions for all types of maritime purposes, and is currently used aboard workboats, passenger high-speed craft, Coast Guard vessels, patrol boats, rescue boats and research vessels.

The different solutions are built on the highly advanced technological platforms that utilize either negligible amounts remaining light, or exploit tiny temperature differences to build clear view of the surroundings. Both of these technologies can be utilized to build a combined image, and can be further combined with a HD daylight camera. In addition, one is now in the final phase of testing of yet another system that will provide clear images even through rain and snow. This type of systems has never before been commercially available.

We envisage that the new night vision products Furuno Norway will now be offering in the Norwegian market, will be applicable in most customer segments where we already have activities such as fishing, offshore, merchant vessels, work boats and passenger boats. All cameras have interface for gyro stabilization, which in our view is absolutely necessary for a night camera to work for professional use.

Current Corporation has provided night vision equipment for demanding Canadian customers since its inception in 1986 and has built up a unique knowledge of operating under extreme conditions in Arctic waters. These are qualities that many of our Norwegian customers will know to appreciate.

As the leading supplier of marine electronics in Norway, we have built an effective organization to support all our customers and dealers throughout the lifetime of our products. Fundamentally for our operation is to always be ready to assist our clients with advice and guidance, support, service and spare parts at all times. We are therefore in the process of building up the same level of expertise and inventory of spare parts and finished goods that we have in every other product we deliver.

Current Corporation is the manufacturer of the Night Navigator series of day and night vision camera systems installed worldwide on super yachts, workboats, high-speed craft, Coast Guard ships and fast patrol vessels. In addition, Night Navigators are deployed internationally for coastal surveillance. Current Corporation continually invests in Night Navigator R&D for a diverse range of applications including anti-piracy, whale and whale spout detection, and extreme weather search and rescue.