Furuno Norge AS have made an agreement with the company from New Zealand, ltd ENL. In the future Furuno will distribute their MultiBeamSonar WASSP in Norway and Northwest Russia.

ENL 's Multibeam Sonar " WASSP " is designed to provide detailed information on the bottom, as well as fish and other objects in the water column. A multibeam sonar identifies a large area of seabed in short time and also with an exactly information. Within fisheries, WASSP will be perfect for pelagic fishing , bottom trawling , longline and gillnet fishing and seine fish pots. WASSP is also used by serious anglers, while divers use it to identify and determine the position of objects before they start diving. Fish farmers can map the seabed conditions before anchoring farms, and perform regular monitoring of anchoring . WASSP can also be used to map other installations on the seabed. Some emergency services using WASSP associated with search and rescue . In addition, there is also a " scientific " version, specially adapted to scientific survey work .

WASSP can be easily integrated with the fishingplotter MaxSea TimeZero PLOT. The user can easily build up their own 3D models of the seabed . This can be used to plan subsequent fishery , or to document the seabed conditions. WASSP integrate easily with other Furuno instrument aswell, and may be part of a fully integrated navigation and fish finding products .

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As the leading supplier of marine electronics in Norway , Furuno Norge has built up an effective organization to support all our customers and dealers. Fundamentally for our operation is to constatly be able to assist our clients with advice and guidance, support, service and spare parts 24/7.

ENL has 46 years experience as Furuno distributor in New Zealand, and has built up a strong sales and service organization to support local Furuno customers. In addition, ENL developed several products to meet local needs, including WASSP.