The new VHF radio FM-4721 has three functions integrated into one: the radio with ATIS (Automatic Transmitter Identification System) and DSC (Digital Sell Call) modes, inter-come and speaker. The display shows the necessary navigation information such as LAT (length) / LONG (Latitude), Speed ​​Over Ground and Course Over Ground.

FM 4721 is a powerful VHF radio with many advantages. First of all, it gives a good sound. The user can choose between 25W or 1W output performance. The built-in DSC Class D function can handle distress, individual or ships calls. In connection with an external GPS the skipper can navigate to a DSC distress position.  FM-4721 gives you easy channel selection with a large rotary control. It also has a key to quickly access channel 16 and 9 .In addition to this there are two available keys where you can program your personal settings. FM-4721 can also upload, navigate and store way points. If required all operations can be performed with the handset, including the off and on function. Two handsets are available. If you configured the two handsets they can be used as a on board inter-come.

As an option the FM-4721 can be equipped with a loudhailer mode. This loudhailer has a pre-programmed fog signals and listen-back facility.
• Bluetooth headset
• 7m extension cable for handset
• Handmic