MS 'Gunnar Langva' has been fully focused on fishing for the last 8 years. Last year it was right in the upper echelon of the horse mackerel fishery. The fish finding equipment worked perfectly.

It was advanced technology and good predictable finances that weighed most heavily when shipowner Gunnar Longva decided in 2002 to use Furuno electronics exclusively, on the bridge of the new MS 'Gunnar Langva'.

The equipment consists of a 3 cm radar FAR-2117, 10 cm radar FAR-2137, high-frequency sonar CSH-73,  low-frequency sonar FSV-30, trawl sonar TS-331, 2 FCV-1200 echo sounders, a current indicator/log CI-68G, plotter T-2025, GPS GP-90, GPS compass SC-120, AIS FA-100, weather fax FAX-208 and all communications equipment on board.  

It has proved to be the right choice. The equipment has functioned perfectly throughout. MS 'Gunnar Langva' has been among the best boats. Last year it was right in the upper echelon for horse mackerel.

"New zinc on the sonars is the only expense we have had with the equipment during the 8-year period", says Gunnar Longva. 

"Knowing that the equipment works when it is needed provides the shipping company with financial assurance throughout.  It is expensive to leave the fishing grounds in the middle of the fishery for repairs. You only see the financial effect of an investment after several years, not on the day when you buy the equipment," continues Gunnar Longva.

Farewell to paper charts

Developments in technology are leading to the imminent replacement of paper charts, as with the new ECDIS T-2138 plotters from Furuno one will sail without them. The advantages are obvious. The ship sails with charts that are always up to date and the navigators are spared time-consuming manual updating. The system also provides extra assurance for the shipowner, the crew and the families back at home.

MS 'Gunnar Langva' was delivered by West Contractors in Ølensvåg in 2003. The Furuno equipment was supplied and installed by Vico in Haugesund.