Type specific ECDIS training for FURUNO ECDIS systems

FURUNO Norge offers type specific training for FURUNO ECDIS systems FMD3200 and FMD3100. The training can be obtained by two different methods: Classroom training, NAVSKILLSs CAT and Computer Based Training CBT. The methods are developed and ranked by FURUNO e.g. from the most professional and efficient Class Room training to the Minimum training, here described as CBT training. Download brochure here.

Computer Aided Training

(FURUNO ECDIS models FMD-3200 and FMD 3100).

FURUNO NavSkills class room training solution is the subscription-based service package dedicated for ship owners, who are looking to incorporate ECDIS familiarization training for models FMD-3200/FMD-3100 into the in-house training scheme for their own navigators.

This training makes the FURUNO ECDIS familiarization training more cost-effective and accessible.

Furuno Norge also offers this training at out premises in Aalesund, Norway. We have two available stations for this. To request training on these stations, please send an e-mail to 

In addition to NavSkills CAT training offered in Norway, Furuno offer NavSkills class room training in other the following countries as well (click on the country to send a mail);

Denmark    Germany    Greece    Italy    Turkey    Ukraine    Austnavskillscatralia    Singapore    China    India    Phillipines



Computer Based Training CBT
(FURUNO ECDIS models FMD-3100 and FMD 3200).

FURUNO has developed a CBT solution for the latest FURUNO ECDIS models. This training shall be considered as a minimum solution of familiarization training although it still fulfill the requirements of the IMO ISM code subsection 6.3 and 6.5 with a limited assessment test.

By simple downloading of a CBT software the trainee get access to a complete session of training, which enables the trainee to obtain knowledge of the disciplines available in the classroom and the NAVSKILLS CAT concept, however, by means of a common PC/laptop only. No physical ECDIS keyboard is needed.

The trainee can obtain the familiarzation training from his home or at another convenient place. The training time is estimated to 8 -10 hours. The training can be executed in interrupted sessions and resumed when convenient. No session tests are available.

The certificate for a passed CBT training can be obtained by purchasing a license key. This key is inserted by the end of the training session, when the training programme requires the key to be inserted. When uploading the final test sheet the requested license key is matched with the purchase order in the FURUNO Training database and the certificate is issued and send to the owner/crewing company or individual depending of the address submitted when signing up for the test.

To request training on these stations, please send an e-mail to 

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