• Classified as one of the smallest and lightest Dual Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar available in the market (Radome diameter: 108 cm, Radome weight: 68 kg)
  • Utilises solid state Radar technology
  • Solid state Radar technology reduces the operating cost thanks to the less power consumption as well as replacement of consumables.
  • High-precision, real-time monitoring of precipitation intensity (mm/h)
  • Outputs moving velocity of nimbus
  • Outputs dual polarimetric Doppler information (Zdr, Kdp) for computing diameter of precipitation particles as well as discriminating types of precipitation (rain, snow, etc.)
  • 3D scan to observe the vertical structure of a cumulonimbus
  • Suitable for localised meteorological monitoring as well as for monitoring of short localised rainstorm, when networked into “Multi-Radar System”