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Key features

  • Furuno SC-70 (closed antenna) and SC-130 (open antenna) are type approved satellite compasses that provides accurate information to navigation equipment
  • Short start up time - 90 seconds
  • 100% maintenance free, no moving parts
  • Rapid follow-up rate 40°/s (twice the IMO high speed craft requirement, 20°/s)
  • Pitch/Roll data in analog and digital formats for vessel stabilization, Sonar etc.
  • Easy to retrofit by using existing antenna cabling and LAN converters
  • This satellite system is comprised of GPS, Galileo and GLONASS to ensure the highest precision and continuous coverage
  • Wheel marked as HTD, GPS og ROTI sensor

Contact your dealer

SC-70: IMD03452000
SC-130: IMD03470000

Standard set includes:

1 pcs Display
1 pcs processor
1 pcs antenna
1 set of installation materials

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