The installation of TELSCOPE Electronic record books onboard MV Island Contender calls for a celebration! This installation represents a significant milestone, as this ship is the 100th vessel to adopt to our solution. We are very proud to be a trusted partner of Island Offshore in their efforts to leverage digital solutions for their maritime operations.

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The Island Offshore PSV, MV Island Contender, is vessel number 18 in the Island Offshore fleet to install TELSCOPE. With this, we are nearing the end of a successful implementation project for all of their vessels. The implementation rate has been 1-2 vessels a month, including installation, commissioning and crew training, and the project has been ongoing for approximately one year.

The positive feedback from onboard users, alongside a schedule to implement TELSCOPE on 100 additional vessels across various shipping segments, demonstrates the maritime industry's growing embrace of digitalization. This adoption reflects a significant shift towards using digital record books, which has proven to lessen administrative tasks and elevate quality of records.


MV Island Contender. Photo: Island Offshore.

TELSCOPE DELIVERES Tangible benifits to ISLAND OFFshore

Fleet manager for AHTS at Island Offshore, Andre Almestad, also responsible for the implementation of TELSCOPE across the entire fleet, emphasizes one of the immediate benefits of implementing TELSCOPE; the elimination of administrative and repetitive tasks related to record keeping.  - "This quick win not only streamlines operations onboard but also ensures that the crew can focus on their core responsibilities, enhancing both safety and efficiency", he says in a comment to the current installation onboard MV Island Contender.

Almestad's insight highlights the practical impact of TELSCOPE on day-to-day operations, providing a tangible benefit that extends beyond compliance and into the realm of operational excellence.

A key advancement in TELSCOPE's offering is its ship-to-shore module, set for completion in Q2 2024. This feature aims to facilitate seamless collaboration between the vessel and the office, providing the shore team with full access to all record books. Also, the TELSCOPE checklist solution is enhanced, as the shore module simplifies the distribution of check lists maintained by the landside organisation, for swift implementation onboard. -"We are eager to get startet with this as soon as possible. Another area of focus for the coming period will be on streamlining the audit process and management of compliance documentation"​​, says Almestad in this regard.


Fleet manager ATHS and TELSCOPE project manager at Island Offshore, Andre Almestad. 

- Taking full advantage of TELSCOPE Electronic record books not only streamlines operations onboard but also ensures that the crew can focus on their core responsibilities, enhancing both safety and efficiency.

TELSCOPE Electronic record books are fully compliant with SOLAS and MARPOL regulations, offering a comprehensive suite of features including all required record books.

TELSCOPE is also granted DNV type approval, meeting the stringent requirements of ISO 21745 for electronic record books for ships, as well as DNV's own class requirements. The solution simplifies the mandatroy record keeping process, ensuring high-quality records while significantly reducing the administrative burden on crews and companies alike. Its capability to automatically create records on  observations from the ship’s sensors ensures accuracy and consistency in record-keeping, which can be vital for analysing events and making informed decisions when corrective actions are called for​​.

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TELSCOPE's system architecture is designed for ease of use and integration. It includes a ship dashboard that serves as the central hub for all TELSCOPE activities onboard, displaying relevant modules based on user access levels. This ensures that each crew member sees only the information and tasks pertinent to their responsibilities.

The system supports a wide range of modules, including logbooks for Deck, Engine, and GMDSS, MARPOL Record Books, checklists, and the Noon Report module for daily reporting. The integration of sensor data and information from automation systems into log entries, customizable checklists, and the ability to perform tasks across multiple devices enhances operational efficiency and compliance. Furthermore, TELSCOPE's fleet dashboard allows ship owners and superintendents to monitor fleet performance from shore, offering a comprehensive overview of the fleet's status​​.