The SOLAS and MARPOL record books should for several reasons be replaced by digital solutions. In December 2023 we had a webinar regarding this topic. We focused on why shipowners should transfer to a digital solution and also, which factors to consider when evaluating solutions. Have a look at our webinar recording!


TELSCOPE is type approved for both the SOLAS and the MARPOL record books. A number of flag states have also approved TELSCOPE Electronic Record Books as replacements for the paper books. Visit the TELSCOPE product page for a complete overview.

TELSCOPE is a comprehensive solution for electronic record books, checklists and future e-navigation services. TELSCOPE electronic record books are type approved by DNV, in accordance with ISO 21745 – Electronic record books for ships, and DNV’s own class requirements. The solution is in line with SOLAS and MARPOL.



  • Efficient: with TELSCOPE Electronic Record Books, significantly less time is spent on logging. Many types of log entries can be completely automated. The TELSCOPE Ship-to-Shore solution provides the land side with full access to all record books for all the vessels of the fleet.
  • Accurate: TELSCOPE receive sensor data directly from relevant sensors. TELSCOPE can also receive navigational information from ECDIS and e.g. engine related information from the ship's IAS.
  • Quality and consistancy: Utilising sensor and system data reduces the risk of errors and inaccuracies for log entries and ensures consistency across books when different aspects of the same event are logged in multiple books.
  • Future-proof: Electronic record books are a natural part of the vessel's e-navigation solutions. By keeping up with developments and choosing a type-approved solution, the company is well prepared for future requirements and technological changes.
  • Cost-saving: Minimal manual administration and electronic data storage instead of storing physical books provide significant resource savings.
  • Environmentally friendly: The transition to electronic logbooks means reduced paper consumption and no environmental emissions associated with shipping. TELSCOPE electronic logbooks are an environmentally friendly choice.
island_offshore_stig silden_loggbok

Log entry for the transition from paper books to TELSCOPE Electronic Record Books on board MV Island Clipper. Stig Silden is the captain on board and admits: "The paper logs are so old-fashioned that they are only beaten by ink and quills. It's time to move on!


  • Type approval: Which rules and regulations, standards, or class requirements must be met by the solution?
  • Functionality: Which record books and which functions must be included?
  • Gains: What are the objectives of transitioning to electronic record books?
  • Quality: How can the solution guarantee that logging is accurate, correct and complete at all times?
  • Compatibility: Which sensors and systems should the solution be able to integrate with? Will it be compatible with other equipment, systems and e-navigation services?
  • Cyber security: Does the solution allow for secure network location and data exchange?
  • Service: Who is the manufacturer of the solution? Will you have timely access to service, support and updates?

Furuno has a local service network covering the entire coast of Norway. In addition, we coordinate service globally for our customers. Our global service network has good representation in most of the world's ports.

Furuno also offers remote service over our platform HermAce. This solution includes the HermAce Gateway for secure connection and data exchange. HermAce is a certified solution in line with current requirements related to cyber security.

TELSCOPE Electronic Record Books can fully replace the paper books. Sensor and system data is received and stored so that you always have correct data for the correct time of log entry, both for automatic and manual logging. The record books are also stored on the land side and the office has full access. This eliminates the need to contact on board personnel to obtain log entry information and related documentation.

For more information on TELSCOPE Electronic Record Books please contact:

Hans Aannø-Fiskerstrand

Salesmanager for TELSCOPE

Mobile: +47 90 01 83 09