båtomtaler_froy senja_arbeidsbåt_coastal E

The FRØY Group is nearing completion of a series of service catamarans delivered by the Norwegian yard Sletta Verft. Common to them is that they are equipped with Coastal E for paperless sailing.

Frøy Senja was handed over from Sletta Verft on January 28th and is the fifth vessel in a series of six service catamarans for the FRØY Group. Next in line is Frøybas, scheduled to be delivered in April this year. Common to the newbuildings in this series is, among other things, that they are equipped with Coastal E chart plotters with online solution for chart updates. Furuno Norway dealer Elmarin AS, which has delivered the Furuno bridge solution and the electro solution to the newbuildings, says that the requierment for a chart system approved for paperless sailing has developed into a trend for the service vessels in the aquaculture industry.

- The service vessels in the aquaculture industry have their daily operation within a small geographical area. However, as they are likely to be moved between locations that may be far apart, they require to be equipped with good solutions for safe navigation in updated charts, says Jan Ove Knudsen, Service manager of Elmarin AS.


With Coastal E and online chart updates the crew experiences that safety related to navigation is well taken care of. At the same time the manual work related to chart updates has been removed. This contributes to reduced workload and thus also less stress.


The Norwegian Maritime Directorate's circular RSV 12-2019 (Norwegian) defines the framework for an alternative to ECDIS for vessels up to 24 meters. This opens up for an electronic chart system that in terms of chart presentation and functionality is in line with the IMO requirements for ECDIS. However, the only required sensor connection is to a wheelmarked GPS, or other approved satellite positioning system.

Coastal E is approved as a replacement for the paper charts for vessels up to 24 meters. A duplicated installation consisting of two machines with approved and updated charts (ENC) is in line with the Norwegian requirements for paperless sailing.

connection diagram_Coastal E

Coastal E setup for paperless sailing in accordance with Norwegian requirements


The Furuno bridge solution for FRØY Senja is one of several available bridge solutions for work boats. In addition to the Coastal E chart plotter, this solution includes Furuno TZT multifunction station. This acts as an integration platform for, among other things, Furuno network radar and future echo sounder modules.

bro_froy senja_arbeidsbåt_coastal E

From the bridge onboard FRØY Senja

  • Chart plotter for paperless sailing Coastal E 1624
  • Multifunction station TZT 16F
  • Network radar DRS4D-NXT
  • Satellite compass incl. IMO approved GPS SC-70
  • IMO approved  AIS FA-170
  • Dual 50/200 frequency echosounder FCV-588

The Furuno bridge solution is delivered by FURUNO DEALER Elmarin AS

Elmarin AS has been a Furuno dealer since 1995 and has delivered Furuno bridge solutions to a large number of vessels delivered from Sletta Verft. General manager Jan Ove Knudsen tells us about a very good collaboration over many years, where a solid cross company team feeling is well establised between the shipping customers, the yard and Elmarin as a supplier of bridge solutions and electro packages, including battery solution for hybrid vessels.

Elmarin has a strong partnership both as equipment and service supplier to the FRØY Group for many years. - "Elmarin is proud to have such a great and forward-leaning customer in our portfolio!" their Service manger says with special reference to the FRØY Group's focus on sustainability and willingness to include new technology in all areas.

- For the FRØY Group, we have delivered and installed large equipment packages for new buildings for many years. We are also a service partner for all the FRØY vessels. Elmarin is proud to have such a great and forward-leaning customer in our portfolio!

Jan Ove Knudsen, Service manager of Elmarin AS